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    Chapter 2
    I'm sorry, I'd better go to bed.
    go here.. The sound of water from the bathroom subsided, I stood and looked at a small palm tree with a phytolamp attached on top.
    I'll start right where I left off in the first part.
    Oh my God! Kylie whispered enthusiastically, spreading her legs wider. How cool is that! I didn't even think it would be so nice!
    I'm going to die now, I said.
    Having spoiled herself, she stopped and decided that she needed to start doing it seriously, slowly dipped her head into her mouth and began to suck. She immersed herself only in her, one hand completely clasped the trunk, and the second lay on her eggs. Glory was under her control at that moment. She slowly immersed in herself and brought out, immersed and brought out. Her eyes lay on the penis, assessing herself as she does it, and then switched to her boyfriend. Slava stood and his knees trembled with pleasure, while Ira looked at him with puppy green eyes as he enjoys and groans at that moment.
    I took it out of my mouth and she continued to hold it in her palm, as if to estimate how much it weighs without taking her eyes off him. It pulsed before her eyes and shone in the light, there was a lot of saliva on it.

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